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Company information

■Company Data


  Location: Head office

  500-2, Furuichi-machi, Maebashi-city,

  Gunma 371-0844, Japan

  TEL: 027-255-1117 FAX: 027-219-3577



■Company Profile

Date of Founding: April, 2005

Paid in Capital: ¥14,000,000

Settlement of Accounts: December

Description of Business: Manufacturing and sales of optical, electrical and electronics devices and their components

Main Bank: Bank of Gunma

Major Customers: Manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing device, Manufacturers of semiconductor and liquid crystal, Trading houses handling optical, electrical and electron devices

Major Suppliers: Manufacturers of UV lamp, Parts-processing companies

Manufacturing support companies: in Gunma prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture


What is ARK TECH?

ARK TECH was established by our eight colleagues, like the family of NOAH'S ARK.

ARK is just sailing out to contribute to wide variety of our customers’requests


Contents of Business

・Supply and sales of UV curing and peripheral exposure lamps

・Design and sales of condenser lenses appropriate for wide range of processes

・Design and sales of peripheral exposure UV light source that used for semiconductor process



The contents of an enterprise
A design and development of a contents of enterprise O ultraviolet-rays light source (semiconductor related use and UV hardening use - in addition to this)
UV-LED light source Light source by various lamp adoption

UV curing, circumference exposure and inspection, supply sale of the lamp for measuring instruments
・Xenon mercury (200W, 250W grade)
・Super-high-pressure mercury (250W~1kW)
・Xenon (75W、150W)

A design and manufacture of an ultraviolet-rays light source loading system

The maintenance of an ultraviolet-rays light source

Supply sale of an ultraviolet-rays associated part
Various, optical lens various filter ultraviolet-rays monitor fibers

Idea offer and consulting of the above-mentioned pertinent art



Process Technology

Process Technology


We, ARK TECH have experienced engineers specializing in optics such as curing of UV bonding and peripheral exposure of wafers.
We are able to provide optimal process technology to meet our customers’ needs

・Semiconductor wafer: Condition of unifom irradiation technology of peripheral exposure
・Pickup: Condition of actuator based bonding
・Liquid crystal display: one shot sealing technology


Design Technology

Design Technology


Design of wide range of light sources mainly with 200W and 250W mercury xenon lamp, and high pressure mercury lamp.

We are able to provide our products to meet our customers’ production line and restriction of equipment installed as well as safety and stable lightening of lamps.

Please inform us of necessary intensity of UV illumination, distance of work and work areas. Applications of optical lens can be offered to meet our customers’needs.


Production Engineering

Production Engineering


We pursue potentiality of high precision, high quality, low cost and environmental concerns, and reflect to our products. Not only our products, but our production engineering developed by ARK TECH are of any help to our customers’ improvement of process.

If you have any problems with manufacturing process with UV light source, please feel free to contact us.


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